Content Schedule – September 2016 to May 2017

Hey folks,

I wanted to give you an update on what I’m working on as well the content schedule for the channel and blog.

My primary work for the next eight months is a series of six game reviews on one of my favorite franchises. This will involve playing each game multiple times to build understanding and generate the necessary footage, plus research, script writing, audio recording, video editing, and publication. The first of these videos will launch in November and the rest will launch on a monthly cadence with the exception of January.

I’m also working on some pure game design projects. I’ve got two ideas for focused design-concept videos, one on incremental rewards and accessibility in real time strategy games and one in the brainstorming phase. These’ll be similar to the Balance video I put out a couple months ago. I’ve scheduled these two for October and January, respectively.

Outside of YouTube, I’m also working on this blog. I’d really like to make more content focused on real time strategy games, but I find that the video format doesn’t always work for this genre. I think that discussion of RTS games often requires a highly information dense medium and doesn’t always benefit as much from the visual format of YouTube. To solve this, I decided to start this blog focused exclusively on the real time strategy genre. You can expect new blog posts on a monthly cadence.

I’m also investing time in some personal education. I try to balance producing content with investment in my long-term knowledge base and underlying infrastructure. I think this is a healthy practice for successfully developing content over a long period of time. I’m working my way through another game design textbook to build up my theoretical knowledge. I’m also committed to spending one evening a week playing a game I wouldn’t normally pick up. I find that if I don’t schedule time to do this, I naturally default to playing Souls or StarCraft – I think that in the long-run this would narrow my perspective and limit my ability to think clearly about games.

In total, you can expect new content every two weeks, alternating between blog posts and videos. This work involves a lot of time and planning, so I schedule out a pipeline in advance to ensure I can reliably deliver content.

Finally, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who watches, reads, or otherwise enjoys my content. I work hard on this stuff because I enjoy it, and because I feel that it makes people happy when they watch or read it. Your support and encouragement mean a lot and are really appreciated. Thank you so much! I hope to keep seeing you in the future. All the best.


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