Hey folks,

Welcome to my website! I produce articles, videos, and other content on computer game design. I focus on esports, particularly StarCraft II, but you’ll also see plenty of content dedicated to more traditional games. I’ll be covering everything from high level game design to low level mechanics, thoughts on professional tournaments, the direction of the games industry, and all sorts of things in-between.

I’ve been playing computer games for over twenty years. I’ve had the good fortune to see the hobby from many different angles – a newbie scratching the surface, a casual player having fun on the ladder and playing custom games, and a competitive player participating in global tournaments. My hope with this website is to share my love of games with you! I hope you have a nice time here.

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Thank you and all the best!

(P.S. This used to be my personal blog dedicated to language-learning – hence, the name – but since it was going unused I repurposed it.)